Mittwoch, 23. August 2017

So this will be the last post ever on this little blog. We have to say thank you to everyone who supported us. This small band has come to an end, but the positive emotions caused by your support will remain deeply in our hearts. XXX

Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

The Last Show

This will be the last time you'll see us around as Statement X. Our good friends in Hangin' Tough are calling it quits, too. And if thats not a good enough reason for you to come: Spirit Crusher, Domain and Angst will be joining us. Oh, and its our friend Nadirs 30th Birthday!

Tickets are limited to 80 and can be bought here: Tickets for our last Show
So be fast and grab a ticket if you want to attend. There will be no guestlist.

Click here to check out the FB event

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2016

We are very excited to play a show with the best german hardcore bands: EMPOWERMENT & Spirit Crusher. Thanks to Greyli for putting us on the bill. This will be one of our last shows ever, see you there XXX

Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2016


English version below! Nach 3 Jahren als Statement X sind wir entschlossen das Projekt zu beenden und somit die deutsche Straight Edge Fackel an andere Bands wie Spirit Crusher oder Domain weiterzugeben. Im Anschluss an eine lange Abschlussarbeiten-Eiszeit haben wir uns nun gemeinsam dazu entschieden, diese Zusammensetzung von purer Edge Power aufzulösen, um in anderen Projekten weiter aktiv sein zu können. Dennoch möchten wir uns bei allen unseren Supporter*innen bedanken, die uns trotz unser mäßigen Skills gefeiert haben. Das nehmen wir zum Anlass, um noch ein paar letzte Konzerte bis Juni 2017 zu spielen, die in einem Weekender inklusive kleinen Abschiedsgeschenken ihr Ende finden werden.
Für alle weiteren Infos checkt, Statement X sagt danke, denn: this is #thexend.
Flo, Jan, Johannes, André, Aljo Dezember 2016.

After 3 years of Statement X we now decided to put this project to rest and hand over the Torch Of Straight Edge to Bands like "Spirit Crusher" or "Domain". Subsequent to a long Final-Thesis timeout we collectively decided to disband this connection of pure Edge Power and continue in other projects. Nonetheless we want to thank all our supporters that continued to party with us despite our modest skills. We take this as a reason to play a few more shows until june 2017 and end it with a Weekender and some farewell gifts around that time.
For forthcoming informations please check Thank you!

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Since we've got some shit to do in our real lifes, we will back at the end of the year. Keep it up and listen to Spirit Crusher. XXX

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2016

Here are some photos from single-use cameras we had with us while we were on the weekender road trip with our friends in domain and spirit crusher. Expect some more of them in a little zine, we're doing right now, coming out later this year.

Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

The last weekend was incredibly good! We had so much fun in Münster, Wiesbaden and Leipzig. Thanks to all the promoters for the shows and the very good food and thanks people that let us sleep at their places for being so nice to us. Huge shoutout to Domain and Spirit Crusher for beeing awesome people and making awesome music. We hope to repeat this some time in the future!
Remaining Shirts and Vinyl from the weekend is now in our TicTail Webstore!