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While cleaning our straight edge HQ back in hannover city, we've found this little interview with the lowlife fanzine. It was made almost 2 years ago and wasn't printed. So if you're interested in this gang of weirdos, feel free to read this:

Hey guys, please introduce youself with name and function in Statement X:

Aljo: Hey Punx, we are Statement X, we’ve got JanxSolo & Dre for the guitars, Flow for the bass, Dr.Schulz on drums and me, Aljo, for the vocals.

“Statement X” is a clear message, did you choose this name to honor “the straight edge” or whats the reason for this choice?

Dre: Our bandname is definitely meant to be a message. Everyone in statement x is straight edge and this is mostly what this band is about. 
Aljo: I believe that every hardcore band should have a message. We stand for the power of the straight edge.

Who came up with the idea to make a new hardcore band in Hannover?

Dre: It was aljos and my idea to form another band from Hannover. Im playing in quite a few bands and it's good for me to have a creative outlet. Aljo and me recorded the songs (Aljoscha doing the vocals and me playing the instruments). We weren't planning on playing shows whatsoever but once we got asked to play by several people we started to look for bandmembers which were found quickly. We started practicing and playing shows shortly after. A local scene won't survive without local bands and people going to local shows. We try to do both and its working quite well. It's awesome to have Hannover back on the map music-wise. We have some cool bands and cool shows/ fests like the still cold fest

Who's featured on the demo record and who is in the live lineup?

Aljo: As Dre said, on the demo we both did most of the work, one guest part is done by our close friend, the mighty xkartoffelx himself. We love our friends and thats why we try to include them into our set, by giving them short guest parts or the chance for some powerful introducing words.

Two songs from your demo are about sellouts. Did you make personal experiences with edgebreakers in you circle of friends?

Aljo: I think because im writing most of the lyrics I should answer this question. Some of my closest friends, who brought me to hardcore punk and the straight edge dropped and cut off every way of contact to me. I saw them years later and was totally shocked of what they had become. Long story short,  its always a mess, if you’r losing some of your so called best friends.

“Nazi-head-stomp” is one of the songs at your demo, tell us something about that!?

Dr.Schulz: There is nothing more to say, better run naziscum!
Aljo: Hardcore punk is an alternative form of music. If your intolerant in any discriminating way be prepared to get stomped!

Which bands have influenced statement X?

Dre: Judge, Project X, 86 Mentality, Agnostic Front, Breakdown…

You played an amazing show with “mindset” at the beginning of the current year! Try to explain us your feelings during this show?!

JanxSolo: The mindset show was the most amazing show that we played so far. We knew it was sold out and knew the venue from videos we watched on 
youtube. When we went on stage, the room was already really crowded and we were so fucking nervous because we never played in front of 
such a big audience. But right as we started playing everyone just went nuts. It was simply amazing. For me, and i think for the rest of the band,
too, it was one of the best experiences of my life. A big thank you to everyone who came out, danced, sang along or simply stayed till the end
of the set! We hope to make our next shows just as good experiences!

What does the edge mean to you?

Flo: For me being straight edge means „be yourself“. Focus on the things you love and if you don't want to do something or don't like it, just fuck it.

Aljo: Most of the time its an opportunity for me to live my life like I want to live it. Im feeling really free and it brought me to places and people, I wouldn’t know without it. 

Would you say that the “straight-edge-kid” is a dying breed in our society?

Dr.Schulz: No, in my oponion thats the wrong word. We played a Show in lichtenstein with praise dogchains and mindset, all of them are very cool x bands and of course the kids at the Show werent straight edge at all their. But it built a special focus on this Show and you could Feel this did matter. I think there will always be shows at any time and place where kids will x up.
Aljo: In my opinion did the edge become more and more irrelevant in the past.Different people try to be cool by celebrating booze as much as they can and Im talking about the so called hardcore scene. Its really disgusting how some people believe, that playing in a TUI/Expire-Coverband and acting like an alcohol addict while touring is what hardcore is all about.

You don`t play shows with not-straight edge bands. What are your reasons for this?

Aljo: Well we didn’t at first sight. Now we played some shows with several bands who weren’t completely straight edge, but who understood the message of being real. What im trying to say is, that we want to play shows with bands who are having the same thoughts on hardcore as we have, and thats not just about the straight edge.

In reference to the question above, voice your opinion to following statement: "radical straight-edge-lifestyle and ignorance against the non-straight-edge-kids separates the hardcore scene"

JanxSolo: I believe that if there are ignorant kids that dont accept other lifestyles, that the scene wont be seperated by them. Of course theres always a lot of talking going on about whos radically SXE and whos not. But I honestly rarely meet people that dont believe that anyone can live his/her life however they want. So i say: No, "the scene" is smart enough not to get bothered by such idiots, but if your an ignorant idiot who doesnt accept the lifestyle of others, feel free to go somewhere else.

What can we expect from statement x in the next months or years?

Aljo: We gonna record in April for our upcoming Spit-7’’ with our friends in Hangin’ Tough. We will release a 3 track promo tape in the end of february and try to play some cool shows.

It became a trend for US bands to come over to europe to play only a few so called "exclusive shows". What do you think about this? Justified or playing hard to get?

Janxsolo: I dont want to judge any Band for what they decide to do. My opinion on this is: Sometimes they do have a good
reason to play "exclusive" shows, sometimes they dont. F.e. if a Band that has members with full time jobs tries to get 
over to europe for a full tour, it can get really hard to find a fitting date. Maybe sometimes Bands just try to be exclusive
and maybe make a bit of fast money out of it. But i cant say that for sure, most of the Bands i know dont make a living out of their music.
Anyway, i think its important that as long as people are willing to pay much and drive hours for exclusive shows there are going to
be exclusive shows - maybe even more than ever. And i say that without taking a stand there.

Name your favorite straight edge records:

JanxSolo:In My Eyes - The Difference Between;Turning Point - Discography;Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True
Aljo: Hard to name everything, but I think a must have for me are bold-speak out; Judge - Bringin it down, Side by side - Your only young once

What do you do beside being straight edge?

Aljo: Well if your really straight edge your not doing anything beside it. Its our choice and we’re proud that we can serve the edge. 

Anything left to say?

Dre: Check out Street Survival Records if you haven’t!
JanxSolo: "take a stand, say what you feel
be who you want, but be for real!"
Dr.Schulz: Shoes not Booze!
Aljo: Listen to FREEDOM, Warzone and Criminal Instinct. 
Flow: Be prepared for our upcoming Split-7’’, we hope you gonna like it

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